Tonya Goff

Spiritual Life Coach. Natural Hair Stylist. Storyteller.
Founder of Sacred Roots Remedies

For decades, a visit to the hair salon whether for a cut, color, shampoo or style, has always involved more than just the hair service we came in for. It's been our safe space. The place where we could let our hair down in more ways than one. Where many precious life events are shared with our hairdressers who are more like therapists in disguise, echoing our belief that beauty work is sacred work. And I've created Sacred Roots Remedies, a brand focused on spiritual beauty empowerment upon that phenomenon. - Tonya Goff

Tonya Goff is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Natural Hairstylist, Storyteller, and Beauty Products Manufacturer with a bachelor’s degree in Business Development. She’s a Houston Native pioneer, first burgeoning into the natural beauty industry almost 20 years ago as the founder/former owner of the brand Uncle Funky’s Daughter. She is a talented natural hairstylist, who always has a positive word and colorful inspirational stories to share with her clients, who have stated makes their visit with her feel like their spirit has been lifted. 

Tonya’s always been on the eccentric side, rarely coloring within the lines, so the combination of her personal empowerment stories, spiritual life coaching with beauty is no exception. She has developed a witty collection of spiritual beauty products that celebrates the Divine within every woman, which will launch in July 2019, so follow her on Instagram for updates.

Service and Product Offerings
Comb Twists, Starter Locs, Loc Maintenance, Twist Updos, Interlocking, Palm Rolling, Two Strand Twists, Curly Cuts, DevaCuts, Curly Hair Products, Spiritual Life Coaching, Prosperity Treatments and Prayer Candles.

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